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Original Parkes Lumber



A few years prior to 1896, E.G. Parkes began operating as a lumber buyer and broker, selling on consignment to L&N Railroad. In 1924 he became a partner with Charles Ray and Robert Black in the sawmill and retail business operated as "Parkes and Black."

"E.G. Parkes and Sons" was established in 1928 as a partnership when William Parkes and Edward N. Parkes joined the business.

Jim Senior
James Franklin Parkes, Sr. (Jim)
parkes lumber company aerial shot
Parkes Lumber Company aerial shot

In 1946 the business was renamed "Parkes Lumber Company." During the ensuing years the partnerships have changed slightly, but the business owners have always been members of the Parkes family. E.G. Parkes passed away in 1959.

Upon settlement of the estate, James Franklin Parkes, Sr. (Jim) purchased the stock belonging to his father. He became the primary stockholder in Parkes Lumber Company.In 1973 James Franklin Parkes Jr. (Jimbo) returned from the Navy and worked along with his father until 1996 when Jim Sr. passed away.

Jim Junior
James Franklin Parkes, Jr.
Parkes Lumber Company aerials

Shortly thereafter Jimbo purchased controlling interest in Parkes Lumber Company and continues to operate it to this day.